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Our History

A Look Back at TRY Special Needs

It is hard to imagine that in 1970 we started with just five individuals with special needs and today we have over 300 TRY members. We can attribute our success to the many dedicated people we have in every facet of our organization. These people work without pay year after year, and to them we owe a great deal of gratitude. We should thank these people every time we see them – the officers, board members, and the chairpersons of the various programs and committees. Also to our benefactors, volunteers, and the men and women from the Lions Club and The Knights of Columbus who have lent their support over the years. Many thanks to the pioneers of TRY who saw the need and had the foresight and courage to organize TRY. Several of our volunteers and Board members have been with TRY for decades and are still working as hard as those who began volunteering in 1970.

The First Board Members

Frances Jadlowiec

Ruth King

Phylis Malchano
Vice President

Margaret Tollerton
Recording Secretary

Dolores Lapsansky

Laura Calderone

Lois Wolfson
Program Director

Mary Beth Dennison
Social Worker

Mary Locker

Wiliam Swaney
Activity Director

Ruth Miller

Gertrude Malchano

Fran Concannon

Alice Stienmentz
Parent Liaison

Katherine Thomas
Parent Liaison

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