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TRY – A Special Needs Organization was originally established in 1970 It was founded by concerned individuals who sought to provide social and recreational experiences for youths and adults with special needs. Although the organization’s name has been amended, TRY’s fundamental concept of providing a structured and protected setting for these experiences has not changed. Mindful of the needs of the members, volunteers are utilized and programs are geared to the abilities of the individual with special needs.

Governed by an unpaid Board of Directors, TRY – a special needs organization was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Wexford, PA. Of particular note is the fact that TRY does not charge for any of its activities; all regular and special events, including Day Camp, are open to any youths or adults with special needs. TRY is both managed and staffed entirely by volunteers.

TRY operates year round. The scope of activities covers a wide range to offer members a variety of options. Some examples include craft programs, holiday events, and social interactions. The centerpiece of TRY’s annual calendar of events is its week-long day camp. TRY has a holistic approach to recreation and socialization and plans its activities commensurate with varying levels of participant ability so that each participant may experience success and pleasure in a rewarding activity.

Despite escalating costs and number of participants, TRY is committed to continuing programs for individuals with special needs. The organization welcomes volunteer participation time, as well as cash and other donations.

Current Board of Directors

Debbie Allerton and Patti Sinetar

Scott Sinetar

Michelle Switala

Ashley Stanley

Megan Ballantyne, Maura Berger, Nicole Beynon, Corey Beynon, Thomas Bridge, Bridget Chufo, Kathy Hartman, Kelly Metzgar, Terry Murphy, Jimmy Rekowski
Board Members

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